Senate Candidate Julie Killian Stands with Yonkers City Council Members to Blast Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer, State Legislators for Not Delivering Yonkers’ Fair Share

Senate Candidate Julie Killian Stands with Yonkers City Council Members to Blast Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer, State Legislators for Not Delivering Yonkers’ Fair Share


New York Senate candidate Julie Killian (R-Rye) joined local elected officials to blast Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer and other state legislators for not delivering Yonkers’ fair share in the 2018-2019 State budget.

“Assemblywoman Mayer has failed Yonkers students again. Clearly, she is more interested in enabling the Corrupt Status Quo than fighting for her constituents. Not only has aid to Yonkers remained flat for the last five years, despite the fact Yonkers taxpayers have sent $250 million to Albany over that time, but Yonkers continues to suffer as a result as the gross disparity in the school aid formula and only gets a 73% state reimbursement rate to match the 98% rate the state gives to comparable cities like Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse.”

“Shelley Mayer has been an Albany insider for decades. Time and again, she’s diverted funding away from Westchester children and hurt local property taxpayers,” Killian said. “As Senator, I will stand up for Yonkers and all of the families in the 37th Senate District and insist we are finally treated fairly.”

"The State failed us once again," said Minority Leader Michael Breen, "While our state senators and assembly members were voting for a budget that contained an additional $12 million to close Albany's budget gap, they failed to put an extra nickel in for the City of Yonkers to meet its own needs."

Breen was referring to a special appropriation in the just-passed State budget that contained $12 million in funding above the regular formula to help Albany close its projected $12.5 million budget gap.  The $12.5 million was needed to balance the $176.4 million spending plan, or 7% of Albany's overall City budget.  A 7% infusion of aid to Yonkers would equate to $35 million in new money; however, Yonkers also sought additional state aid but received none.

Saying that they shared the Council Democrats' concern over possible layoffs of police, fire and other essential workers in the next City Budget that begins in July, the Republican members said they agreed that a hiring freeze is needed.

"At a time when the State has frozen our funding, we have no choice but to freeze hiring," said Merante, adding, "Unfortunately it's not likely to be enough to plug the gap.  We should be demanding our state representatives to explain why they voted to send millions of additional dollars to Albany, and nothing to Yonkers."

Former City Council President and Budget Chairman Liam McLaughlin, said, “We are tired of Albany legislators talking the talk about getting the funding we need but then coming up short each and every time. Yonkers families can not keep getting short shrift from Albany.”

Not only has Mayer voted for state budgets that continually shortchange Westchester schools, but, when she served as the top lawyer to two Senate leaders who were both sent to prison for corruption, Mayer wrote the law creating the Gap Elimination Adjustment school aid cut, which stripped $373 million from Westchester students and diverted funding to New York City.
“We can’t afford to keep sending the same people to Albany because we will continue to get the same result,” Killian said. “We must do better. Our hard-working taxpayers deserve nothing less.” 
Killian will run on the Republican, Conservative and Reform Party lines in the Special Election for New York State Senate District 37 on April 24th. Senate District 37 includes the towns and municipalities of: Armonk, Bedford, Bronxville, Crestwood, Eastchester, Harrison, Katonah, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, North Castle, New Rochelle, Port Chester, Rye City, Rye Brook, Tuckahoe, White Plains and Yonkers. For more information on the campaign, please visit or follow us Facebook and Twitter @Killian4Senate