Julie Killian's Statement on the Parole of Herman Bell

Julie Killian's Statement on the Parole of Herman Bell


New York State Senate candidate Julie Killian made the following statement today regarding the parole of Herman Bell:

"Herman Bell ambushed and murdered two New York Police Department officers, Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones, in 1971, later killing San Francisco police Sgt. John Young in a separate incident, but unbelievably, he has been granted parole. 

"Officer Piagentini is said to have begged for his life after referring to his wife and two young children, aged 3 years and 15 months, but Bell still shot Officer Piagentini with his own gun.

"The deaths are heartbreaking but granting parole to this person is absolutely appalling. A cold-blooded murderer of three brave officers should never walk free. I believe in rehabilitation, but not when you take a life with no remorse. 

"Those members of the New York State Parole Board who voted to grant parole should be immediately relieved of their duties for allowing a person who perpetuated such a heinous crime to walk free."