Julie Killian's Statement on the 2018-2019 State Budget

Julie Killian's Statement on the 2018-2019 State Budget


EASTCHESTER, N.Y. (April 2, 2018) – New York State Senate candidate Julie Killian made the following statement regarding the New York State Budget:

"The New York State Budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year was passed Friday night, on time and within the State spending cap. In addition to blocking the Assembly's $2 billion in higher taxes, and making adjustments to the tax code to protect New Yorkers from some of the changes on the federal level, it included Senate-led provisions to protect workers from sexual harassment in the workplace and added additional funding to address lyme disease and the opioid epidemic. The budget negotiations also yielded a bill that will keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, which is a good start on common sense gun safety measures.

"These are critical issues of paramount importance to Westchester families, and I am pleased to see them included in this year's budget. But we can and must do more. As Senator, I will fight for Westchester families and the issues they care about including passing real ethics reform, mandate relief, Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation, changing the school aid formula so that Westchester gets its fair share, making the property tax cap permanent and many other issues that are critical to making New York more affordable, bringing jobs and opportunity to all families, and keeping our children and families safe."