Candidate: Westchester schools deserve more money

Candidate: Westchester schools deserve more money



YONKERS -  A candidate for state Senate is calling for more money for Westchester County schools.

Republican Julie Killian says schools in the county are not getting their fair share of state money.



She says state funding, on average, accounts for only 19 percent of Westchester County schools’ total budget.

That's compared to some other places that get as much as 38 percent of their budget from the state. "Taxpayers in Westchester have been mistreated for far too long. Westchester doesn't get its fair share of school aid. And when I go to Albany, I will fight for that," say Julie Killian, state Senate Republican candidate.

A spokesperson for Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer, Killian’s opponent, says Mayer has delivered record school funding for her district during her time in Albany.